Appointment System

Appointments Before Examinations

In general, the Hospital uses a complete appointment system.

  • It is necessary to make an appointment prior to receiving a medical examination.
    Please note that, in general, you cannot make an appointment by telephone. However, changes to appointments and similar actions (except for psychiatry) can be performed by telephone. This has been implemented to shorten the wait time by eliminating long lines of persons trying to sign up for an examination early in the morning.
  • There might still be delays due to changes in appointed examination times due to the priority of urgent care patients or the severity of patient illness. We ask for your understanding in such circumstances.
  • Please provide a referral letter from your PCP if you are a first visit patient (for example, if this is your first examination at the Hospital, if you were previously examined for a different illness, or if you discontinued treatment).

Same-Day Appointments

If you have not previously made an appointment, you can make an appointment using the automated check-in machine until 11:00 AM. However, an appointment cannot be made using the automated check-in machine if the examination limit for that day has already been reached. Therefore, you must inquire directly at the outpatient window of the corresponding medical department.

In such cases, you may not be able to receive an examination on that day unless you have an emergency condition or a referral letter addressed to a specific physician at the Hospital.

If you would like to receive an examination on a later date, inquire at the outpatient window of the corresponding medical department although please be aware that it might not be possible to honor your request.

While it is possible to make an appointment without specifying the time or physician, in such cases the waiting time tends to be quite long.

Currently, there are a large number of patients coming to our orthopedic surgery, urology, and ophthalmology who have been referred from other hospitals or wish to be examined at the Hospital, making it difficult to provide examinations for all patients.

Priority is give to patients with a referral from other health care facilities. For first visit patients who want an examination in one of these departments but do not have an appointment for Asa Hospital via their PCP health care facility, please first visit your nearest health care facility.

Emergency Patients

Emergency patients can receive an examination without having to make an appointment. Inquire with any nurse.

You should also contact a nurse if your condition worsens while waiting for a normal examination.

Referrals to Other Health Care Facilities

An examination may not be provided if there are numerous patients and there is no room for same-day appointments, the wait time is very long, or due to emergency surgery or care of emergency patients.

In such cases, make an appointment for another day or accept a referral to a different health care facility.

In addition, given the high level of specialized medical care depending on the department, requests for regular medical treatment may be referred to a different health care facility.