Items Required at Admission

In addition to the required items listed in "Admissions Procedures", please bring the following items at the time of admission.

Signature stamp (seal)

Medicine you are taking

Be sure to bring any medicine you are currently taking, including medicine prescribed by other health care facilities, and the instructions and medicine notebook.

Daily necessities


Pajamas and underwear
(You may be required to bring special items depending on your treatment. Your nurse will explain.)

Note: The hospital provides sleeping clothing for newborns.


Towel, bath towel, small wash basin, toothbrush, razor, comb, soap, shampoo, etc.

Eating utensils

Chopsticks, tea cup, feeding cup, spoon, straw, small kettle or pot

Other daily necessities

Slippers (non-slip sole) or shoes, tissue paper, earphones, etc.