Patients' Rights

Hiroshima City Asa Citizens Hospital strives to provide safe, high-quality health care for the maximum benefit of our patients while supporting the Declaration of Lisbon on the Rights of the Patient.

  1. Right to medical care of good quality
    Patients have the right to fairly receive quality and appropriate medical care.
  2. Right to information
    Patients have the right to receive information and a full explanation of their health condition and treatment.
  3. Right to self-determination
    Patients have the right to receive a full explanation on their health status and make free decisions themselves regarding examination and treatment methods.
  4. Right to freedom of choice
    Patients have the right to choose freely and change their hospital or health service institution.
  5. Right to health education
    Patients have the right to be able to make informed choices after being given information about healthy lifestyles and about methods of prevention and early detection of illness.
  6. Right to confidentiality
    Patients have the right to have their personal information known by medical professionals protected and their privacy protected.
  7. Right to dignity
    Patients have the right to be respected as an individual and to be provided with all available assistance in making dying as dignified and comfortable as possible.


We ask for your cooperation so you can properly receive safe, quality medical care and nursing.

  • Please provide as much information about your health as possible and cooperate with our medical professionals to receive treatment.
  • Please cooperate in maintaining a comfortable medical treatment environment.
  • Please cooperate with our medical safety practices.
  • Please follow all hospital rules and regulations.
  • Please do not interfere with the medical treatment of other patients.
  • Please cooperate with the nurturing of our medical staff.
  • Please understand that we may not be able to meet demands outside of what is considered safe clinical medicine.