Hiroshima City Asa Citizens Hospital

Greeting from the Hospital Director

Naoki Hirabayashi, Hospital Director

Thank you for visiting our website.

Standing at the entrance of the Chugoku Mountains approximately 15 km north of the center of Hiroshima City, the Asa Citizens Hospital serves as a regional flagship hospital for a large area covering not only the northern part of the city, but reaching as far as the northwest of Hiroshima Prefecture and parts of Shimane Prefecture.

Established in 1980 with six clinical departments and 190 beds, our hospital has increased functionality through extending departments and increasing the number of beds in response to the wide range of growing medical needs. In 1992 the north wing was added, making the total number of beds 527. Now we have expanded to be the most representative hospital with 32 clinical departments providing advanced and specialized patient-centered medical care.

In order to provide safe and high quality medical care to local residents, and to support medical services in the uplands, we are responsible for:
1) Responding to time-sensitive emergencies such as myocardial infarctions, strokes, etc.
2) Providing high-quality and world class cancer treatment
3) Improving the quality of life of patients with spinal, knee, and other degenerative diseases
4) Enhancing pediatric and perinatal medical care
5) Playing a role as a health care support hospital in regional and remote areas, as well as a disaster medical care base hospital.

In order to fulfill our duties, we are determined to continue providing safe and high-quality service, closely collaborating with other medical facilities.

Due to the narrowness and insufficient earthquake resistance of the current building, our hospital will be relocated around spring 2022. The current functions will be transferred to a newly constructed hospital which will be directly connected to Aki-Kameyama Station, terminal of the JR Kabe Line. The north wing of the current hospital will be renovated and transformed into a new hospital, equipped with a community comprehensive care ward and a palliative care ward. In spring 2017 we began the basic design for its construction and renovation.

Despite remarkable technological advances, there are still many uncertainties in medicine, compared to other industries. We believe it is of greatest importance to build an unshakable relationship of trust between patients and medical professionals. For this purpose, we must heed patients’ complaints and make correct diagnoses. We should not only explain about methods of examination or treatment which are recommended by the guidelines in order to obtain approval from our patients, but we should also aim to provide information, such as alternative methods, complications related to treatments, as well as long-term changes to their quality of life, so that patients may make informed decisions. We are determined to continue to provide safe and high-quality medical care, through working to find the most desirable way of examination and treatment for patients, sharing their perspective.

Under the principle of providing medical care with a spirit of affection and sincerity, all of our staff are committed to doing our best as a team, thinking together with patients, and providing constant support to them. We hope that information provided here will help you.


December 2017
Naoki Hirabayashi
Hiroshima City Asa Citizens Hospital Director

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