Hiroshima City Asa Citizens Hospital

Admissions Procedures

  1. Once admission has been determined, your hospital room will be secured and your surgery will be scheduled.
  2. Patients with an appointment will receive a phone call at a later date with your admission date and time as soon as a hospital room becomes available.
    Note: If you already have your admission date and time, you may not receive a phone call.
  3. Please come to the Admission/Discharge Reception (Window No. 7) at the appointed time on your admission date.
    Note: If you were admitted for urgent care, please present your admission application and health insurance card to the Admission/Discharge Reception (Window No. 7) as soon as possible after being admitted.

Documents/Certificates Required at Admission

  • Admission application and admission guide pamphlet
  • Hospital card
  • Certificate of insured person for health insurance, etc.
  • Other documents
    – Atomic bomb survivor’s health certificate
    – Medical meal treatment expense reduction certificate
    – Medical expense recipient certificate
    – Amount limit application certificate
  • Signature stamp

Admission Procedure Precautions

  1. The applicant on the admission application must be the person being admitted if the patient is an adult or a parent or guardian if the patient is a minor.
  2. The joint guarantor on the admission application must be an adult in a separate household from the person being admitted and the applicant, and must independently make a living and have the ability to pay.
  3. If a joint guarantor cannot be assigned, please consult with a medical affairs clerk.
  4. If your health insurance card information changes after being admitted, please inform the Admission/Discharge Reception (Window No. 7).
  5. To change or cancel your admission date, please contact the clinical department that arranged for your admission.
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